Monday, April 21, 2014


I'm a tea lover.
 I can't pass a day without drink any of them.
 I'm dying out of tea coz I'm breathing over tea.
 Any kind of tea will do, I don't need to be specific.
 I have tea for occasions for represent my mood or celebrate events.
 I have tea for healing or just for concealing.
Earl Grey I cannot forget, a scent of Bergamot indeed.
Oolong kills fat while Pu-erh sold in shape.
Relaxing with Darjeeling when Green tea just not enough.
Sencha Genmaicha Bancha and Houjicha...
But the best is Gyokuro with price I dare to afford .
Old time Chai kills cold, who knows it also heals cough.
English breakfast in the morning and afternoon filled with Assam.
When chat with some fellow, Ceylon will always follow
I knew there is so many more, and more I haven't tasted...
I never get enough for tea and I wish a tea time with you. :)

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