Sunday, May 4, 2014

New OS

Few of my friends are Linux user, I think it is quite cool to try another os for my laptop so I asked my friend Blek to guide me installing Linux. I never try any Linux based OS so its quite a terrific experience for me moving from Windows to Linux. Its also been a lot of thought about which OS I would use my choice comes between Ubuntu 14.04 or Slackware (being hipster or nerdy weaboo). After a long confusing discussion, Ubuntu  wins (because It takes fewer time to download anyway) ...

My College projects still need some windows apps to be done with. So I had to keep my Windows 7 alongside with Ubuntu.

Blek helped me through the installment progress  especially with changing partition (He even make 8 pages installation tutorials for me in Bahasa Indonesia). He also helped me for some unexpected problem in the beginning through chat.

1 of 8 pages tutorial he made.

And finally I be able to use ubuntu 14.04 :)) YEAYH!

My first affection comes to its desktop layout... Its so pretty <3
The terminal looks pretty also with PURPLE background! <3 <3 <3

Once I've done my installation, Blek asked me to download some files through terminal commands...

He made a pretty background for me :D Very nice <3

My sweet desktop!

There are a lot stuffs I need to learn while using this... :) Let's see later.

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