Friday, April 18, 2014


Today I woke up at 4AM and had a strange dream.
   I dreamed about people I met from my past and those who I met from present were gathered in a building.
A hotel like building where each room decorated with stuffs from my past life. I remember seeing a rabbit doll I had when I was three, there also my first birthday cake, my cooking uniform, my white crochet hat I wore when I was five.
   Those people on that hotel were talking to each other, people from past, people from present and other who I don't know were having fun talking, playing or even dancing like they are closed to each other.
On that dream, I realized that some people went missing. I was looking for those missing people all over that hotel. The building that was seems bright and joyful, slowly turned gloomy and dark as my fear grows.
I suddenly awake from that dream, and I feel kinda missing those people who I searched....

Its just a dream, rite? Or it is a sign of something?

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