Monday, September 19, 2011

Broken Rabbit Doll

Just a few days more until Me, Emily and Emilie Autumn's birthday. Yeah, we have the same birthday date.
We already got an early present from our uncle. A bicycle >w< !!! a black one but I'll paint it in red, secretly ;)

Last sunday, there also a cosplay event in jakarta. I did the same cos as before, as A broken white rabbit doll. But, I put some little touch up with  details and make up that refers to EA. Because I was performing it on stage. So pity tat I forgot to asking someone for recording my performance. I used EA song the beginning of "4o'clock" mixed with the refrain of "Gothic Lolita" (because the perform duration just  2 minuets) My perform just went very well and also with a lot of Madness~ >w< 

After the performance, I asked few of photographers I know to do some photo session with me on the emergency stairs and inside a broken elevator (because the other place just too crowded)
I also try some poses that just freaking scary but still wonderful

Behind the scene >w<

With friends

Will upload more after the photographers upload again

Thankyou for reading~ please comment!


1 comment:

  1. Never mind about not recording it.....I can imagine. You look so cute in that costume! I wish I was as artistic as you to be able to do something like that....
    Glad you enjoyed that cosplay event!
    And I WILL remember your birthday....
    Enjoy life xxx