Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back to Grell Again

Hi this is Emily

Finally my long awaited project has done. I planned to make a Kuroshitsuji Photo Session since the end of july and successfully done on 24th September.

Our Cast are
Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, Claude, the Queen, William and of course me as GRELL (R-shitei Version)!

We also have one unknown butler (original cosplay) having fun with us ;)

Here some Photos >w< aww  there are too much Grell Picture there

Lady Ciel

Sebastian cosplayer is a Coolest Girl I've ever met :D

With The Queen

Claude Cosplayer is a very GOOD LOOKING crosser . She can be very handsome and  very beautiful at the other time ;)

Lady Alois

William Cosplayer is a real Man and the only Man who joined in our cast ;)

This is my favorite and taken with my favorite Phgotograhper too ;)

Hey Handsome ;)

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Ciel and Alois

William Getting annoyed

Ah Well These are some Funny teaser >w< LOOOL 

Yeahh~ I got two!!

Who is the SEME?!!

Everybody wants CLAUDE~ <3

Well, that's all. By the way Miley just Done her original Halloween cosplay we'll take some shoots later ;)

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