Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just because We haven't updating for weeks~

Hi this is Miley, I just want to share what's going on with us lately~\

Next month I'll going to University. Jakarta Institute of Art. I choose Design for Visual Communication. I'm so happy that finally I got what i really want but I'm quite afraid about it. Sometimes I wonder what will I be after this... Do I'll be able to finish this study, how about the cost or everything else. But the only thing I could do just keep the positive thingy in my mind and do all my best to get my dream.

About Emily, She just fine and having a lot of time on hosting 2 fanbase on twitter. One is @OtakuSalahGaul a silly otaku account that she and 3 of her friends hosted. They used to making jokes and funny questions about some famous anime and manga characters.

The other one is @GrellArmy_Indo this one is an account dedicated to all Grell's fans in Indonesia. She really wanted to create this for a long time and finally she did it!! This account started with a few followers but I hope it getting larger  and better.  Because of it, she is known as AUNTIE GRELL among her followers. It's  quite fun to hear that because reminding me with our past event, where we wearing R-Shitei Dress and some little girls who taking our photos said "Thankyou Auntie~ " (^_^")

Ah, I helped Emily to  make these picture for Celebrating our Nation's  INDEPENDENCE DAY , Yesterday (August 17) 
Grell'sArmy Indonesia  AVATAR~ <3 

I read a lot of children novels lately~ one of my favorite book is THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE

I was so happy when finally I got this book in English version. Cos I hardly find it on Indonesia's book store. This book is about a china rabbit doll who been loved by a little girl but he don't love anyone. Next he accidentally separated from that girl and his long journey started by thrown and taken by some peoples. Later, he understand about being loved and loving until he finally met her first owner again by miracle.

This book also inspiring me with my latest original cosplay as a Broken Rabbit doll.  I'm so proud with this cosplay cos everybody liking it very much. I've got a plenty good feedback from my friends and relatives then I'm planning to join on next Cosplay Contest. 

Emily also having a cosplay project too. She planning for a Kuroshitsuji Ballroom Photo Session.  She and her friends Traisha are working hard for this project and already gathering 8 cosplayers in Kuro-cast. Emily will cosplaying as R-Shitei Grell (we'll remake our past dress of course ^_^)

So then, on September We'll have 2 cosplay project :D Ohh I'm so excited~ >w<

Alright that's all. Thanks for reading~

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  1. I can see so much similarity in my new glasses and yours...Seriously, I think they're identical... ^^
    Have fun with your cosplay!