Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Poems From Miley Mad

I keep spamming on Emily's Facebook since I don't have any Facebook account.

These are  my Spammy  Random Poem I once put on Emily's facebook
Get Lost
Don't go
The wind whispering on her ears
Come back
The land calling from behind
But The Girl kept walking
Through the deep wood that looks wonderful to her eyes

She won't listen to the wind
Or the song from the wood will disappear
She won't come back to the land
Or the wonderful wood will vanish
The wood turned dark
The song from the wood turned into deadly scream
She knew that there was no way back home anymore
And she never come back.
Until the day when you come here...

Just a Lil Mad  
I'm a little Mad Girl
I'm not so bad just a little Mad
When sadness haunted me
It seems like I'm going to be dead
Coz nobody wonder how do I get Sad
But actually I do
Its somewhere deep inside
Or just behind a little laugh.
It would be silly.
If you mention my hidden tears
And I flood it out.
But I somewhat glad.
Because you care.
Why you always say what I want to say..
Why you seems like having a same feeling like me.
We born at different years but a same date.
We live on the opposite side of the world.
But I feel somehow connected
Will one day I'll be someone like you?
Will one day I'll be able to meet you?
Or in another world?
Who knows~

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