Thursday, July 21, 2011

Second Photo Session. Miley Mad takes turn!!

 Second Photo Session Project at the same day of my Vocaloid Project.

Miley had a photo session too XD  but without cosplay

At first, Sony-san asked me to do a non cosplay private photo session with him.  We planned to do this after our vocaloid project. But later, the other photographers want to joined this photo session too. Suddenly  I became a single model for 8  photographers  in a session (QAQ) , 

At first I was really nervous but later I enjoyed to be a casual model for those fun photographers.

They also gave me freedom to choose my comfortable and favorite poses Including Sketching and Climbing Tree ^^

These are few results XD

Miley Goes Sketching Again XD

 that lovely spontaneous smiles were because the photographers were so  lovely and funny to work with XD I sometimes can't hold my laugh too

Okay, that's all ;D I'll post something again Later or Soon!



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  2. consider yourself followed, love ;3

    btw, you look VEEEERRY pretty =DD