Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Plushies, Little Secret and today's Random

I'm in a mood for making plushies again. I'm in a project to finish my William plushie this Sunday, so that I can send it to Grell on next Monday.  

I also wanna share some of my plushies here

Start from this wonderful pairing

This is William for my friend Rija  in Maryland :)

 My Chibi Grell !! (I wont give him to anyone else ). He is my schoolbag buddy and also my Sleep buddy. I can't pass a day without him on my bag or bed (I'm such a chilidish).
I made him for my last year Christmas decoration...
Vocaloid Megurine Luka and Kaito neko for my Friends who now stayed overseas (Pfft... My Pedobear Teddy seems liking them)

One More Kiss
Anyway this song is filling my head recently
I love this morning's weather Btw I also love my hair recently, it is wavy and silky on this weather. 
The morning sun is Bright RED, It was beautiful and lovely.
I also got this Mug from my mom this afternoon.  RED thermos Mug that would keep my tea warm and fresh all night long~
 I want to reveal a little secret about why I love Red very much. 

Actually I also love Yellow and Black as much.  But Red means something to me.
Red is my mom's favorite color. She always being so Red, Bright, Positive and Tough every times.  She always being tough even in difficult situation. She thought me how to make a right decision for my future.  When I see something Red, I always remember about her and everything she did to her family.  When I asked why she loves Red,  My mom  said  

"Red means Tough and Strong, I wish you to be like that.".  

Then I started to wear and collecting Red things for remind me to be a good girl like what she want me to be. Believe or not, that color really connecting us together. 
Instead Red also Grell's favorite color LOL. 

Okay, that is my post for today.  Thankyou for reading and feel free to leave some little footprints and comments

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