Friday, March 18, 2011

Dawn ( A little random poetry)

Red morning sun shines over the world.
While the whisper of wind warming my gloomy heart.
Give me a second to take a deep breath.

I seek my days from the past
and realized that everything just gone too fast.
Meeting, parting, laugh and tears came then gone like dust.
Leave a little blurry mark that will disappear as the time goes by.

When I die someday,
maybe I 'll see that my live are tiring and worthless.
And only a white plain cinematic records.
No one ever remember me.

I wonder if there is another change.
To put my soul for every little thing I've done.
Coloring my plain live with love.
An leave a little bright mark for me and peoples around me.
As the red morning sunbeam.
I know that I still have a time.
To make up my plain live  into a colorful rainbow.
From now on till the Death greets me...

(Emily Happywise)

I never write poetry in English for a very long time so a little comment would help  me in many ways...
(My latest poetry is about a bloody love letter dedicated to Grell(I'll share it if you want))

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