Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wonderful Night!

I miss this randomful Blog so much...
Super Moon

On 20th March, the Moon was shining awesomely Bright. Before that Everyone are talking about the super moon on twitter so I won't miss a change to watch this phenomena.

The Best place to watch the sky around my home is on my rooftop so, I sneaked to my rooftop trough my window. Well,  climbing to the rooftop is not difficult (since I'm good at climbing). I brought my Sketchbook, Grell plushie and my Camera together.

The moon was so bright and awesome

 It bright enough to do some sketch up there.  (I was coloring it after I get down )

Me Watching the moon

Over My house

The Best place where I can watch the moonlight

For about half hour, I realized that Iwas just wearing t-shirt and boxer in a cold midnight weather.  So then, I get down there and back to my bedroom. The most difficult part is about getting down safely from there. but luckily I can get down (and Cracked 2 pieces of roof tile)

Okay, that's all.
I would me happy when you want to comment my sketches :)

Btw My William Plushie is done and I just Sent Him to Grell's home  yesterday. Checkout his pict with my Chibi Grelly

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