Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rain Wash Me Away~

I'm getting crazy and annoying since this afternoon~  Those Final exam almost killing me

Ah, I still keep contact with Grell  via twitter and I made her ( Pardon, but for me he is a real "Lady") a plushie for cheer her up  .  She want William plushie since She already have 3 Sebby dolls.
So after school I went to market near my house and buy some cloth for William Plush. The sky was very dark and I forgot my Umbrella. As I expected before~ I get lost in the market (I forgot the shop I used to buy cloth)
and also washed by heavy rain, Finally I can buy that cloth on the right store.. YAY!! 

Since I love rain very much I don't mind getting home in wet.
 It also cooled my head down. after getting crazy and annoying for a whole day.
 And now enjoying my bedroom coziness  and start cutting some William plush pattern before get back to study,  STUDY FOR TOMORROW EXAM LOL


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