Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet Leofrand :D

Miley Here!
(I think to declare this blog of me since Emily never posting again =w=)

It has been so long time since our latest post. We were busy with a lot of stuffs and activity and also kinda lazy to do some things after the looooonnggg summer holiday.

Anyway  we Just adopted a Bjd boy last month (8 august) from our cousin Alison. He is a blank MSD type doll from company Doll Leaves. His head is Maya Type.

We named him Leofrand Lucentwise. Leofrand means beloved friend , lucent means shining and since he is our son so Emily wants to put our family name on him "wise".  But we just call him Leo anyway.

Emily sew some clothes for him (I thought some of them are more suitable for girls) and also a pair of (bad sewn) shoes. I put (not so bad)  face up for him and will re do it again later.

ok skip all the long narratives. Here is our boy!


Much later, My cousin wanna try to do cosplay with us, so we accompanied her to an event, Emily also decided to make a pairing cosplay with Leo.

the right one is my cute cousin Alison :D

Ok that's just a few thing to share... bye now :D

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