Friday, September 7, 2012

AFA ID 2012

I rarely appear around the internet lately except on Facebook because of my little plushie job and another community projects.  But you can contact me through  Yahoo / Facebook since our Twitter is already DEAD.

We were so glad because finally Anime Festival Asia arranged in Indonesia on 1 and 2 September 2012. My friend gave us free tickets so we decided to get there for 2 days :D

At first day I went cosplaying as Grell Sutcliff in maid version. There were a lot of Friends from other town come over to join the event and having fun with us .
Now we've missed them already :'(


Me with John Smith Jogja  :D

With Riesa as Sebby from Bali

With Amaterazu (center) from Bandung

 On the second day Miley went cosplaying as Vocaloid  Megurine Luka Just be Friend with Leo as her partner we also do a little dollmeet with a community of BJD Indonesia. We had a lot of fun too especially with our friend cosplaying as Hard Gay  came along with us.

Our event wanderer party Hard Gay , Miley and Angela-chan also with Gilang the one who taking this photo

A little Dollmeet (from left) Ravine, Ryo, Leo , Chihiro

The most wonderful thing was Getting Leo's shirt signed by Danny Choo and taking Photos with him :D

Omiyage from AFA :D
Here a Video of AFAID 2012 you can find Miley there too :D


Ok see ya !

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