Thursday, April 21, 2011

A short poetry about MIley

I once wrote this on a piece of tissue at school and it still untitled.
One of Miley painting

When she came out.
My body seems not mine anymore.
My hand, my eyes, my feet won't listen to my order.
She took over my mind.
Opened the cage inside deepest my heart,
releasing all stuff I keep down there.
Hurt, Anger, Regret, Sadness and for everything I hide from the world.
Threw them into the reality.
Over a piece of white paper.
With her magical mind of madness,
she changed them into a tons of dreadful bright color.
Painting with her dance like  move, smiling with her bright hungry eyes.
Ended up with an odd giggle.
As I know she got satisfied.
 I back on my feet.
With a beautiful paintings laid in front of me.
 She  want to show her existence.
"I'm here, keeping your heart from sorrow" 
And finally, the only thing she always want me to
I Smile again .

 Because some experts said that my (Miley) paintings are wild,  and full of unusual composition.  (And somehow I can't explain them why...)

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