Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pray For Japan, Love from Jakarta Cosplayers

 Hi! This is Mily ^__^  Sorry abandon this blog for a quite long time.
Just a few days ago, Jakarta Cosplayers did something interesting for help Japan.  We were asking some donation on the main road in cosplay.

The first event held at April, 9-10 .  I didn't know about the event until I met them at the second day (I wasn't in cosplay) . It seems I can get along with them very well. I also met and hugged Sebastian cosplayer that made me want to meet him/her again (yeah, a girl). She also the leader of the event and welcomed me for the next event.
Our Mascot! Made by me~

Within two weeks after the first event, I've got some new friends on Facebook. They invited me to join the 2nd Event. So, I hurried to make a simple cosplay that popped out in my mind as Chesire Grell. I was in my graduation exam week but I really excited to make the costume  because it is my first cosplay ever. I planned to temporary  dye my dark brown hair in red because I don't have enough money to buy wig.

The second event   held at April, 22-24. I went to the first day without cosplay. At the second day, I went there in my Chesire Grell Cosplay and It's really fun. I also met Mayleen Cosplayer ^__^

 The Third day is really fun ^__^ It was car free day so there are so many pedestrians on the main road, we did a long march too. Oh, there also Sebastian, Ciel and another Grell cosplayer  ^__^ yeap!  I had a rival there.
I've got a lot of donation  after I Grell likely blowing kisses to every donators  along the road.  Yay for fanservice \(^o^)/

Nyan~ nyaan~ on the road

Camera Spot!! DEATH!!!!

Hip Hop Sebby~

By the end of the day, we took a rest on a park and also did some fun photo session. ^__^

Sebastian and the other Grell. Uuhh I'm jealous~ Nyaan~

Wanna eat Ciel~

Me: Stop! Sebby is mine !! | Grell: uuh .... | Sebastian : H..Help~ O.O"


Wife, Husband and Son + Kitty Pet

Sebastian on the TOP of two Grells. O.o"

If you are  William~

Run Devil RUUUUUNNN~~~~

And also one extra GIF made by me~  because they are too cute >.<

All Photos are belongs to Shiho, Nekoshii, Kuro and Ratna M

At 27 April, We were going to Japan Embassy for giving our donation. We get there also in Cosplay ^__^.  FYI, we have collected  Rp 14.000.000,- or  1623.19 USD. \(^o^)/

Mission Completed DEATH!!!