Sunday, March 27, 2011

Too long for a poetry, Too Short for a Story


Forgotten ruin of ballroom.
In the pitch of darkness.
The sound of tapping heels
playing a rhythm that breaks the silent night.
With our scrapped dress wiping the floor.
Two of us.
Dancing with tears.

Faster, faster…
Don’t miss any single step.
For all the painful days.
For a bunch of heartbreaks.
For every drop of tears.
Keep dancing, keep swaying…
Trust me…
Kiss me…
I’m yours…
Hold you till the end.

Blood dropping from our feet.
Painting  beautiful footprints over the shiny floor.
I can hear our breath become one
as our soul and heart become one.
Keep your smile.
As I promise.
This is the last performance.
At our secret stage.
The Last Dance of Life.

Let’s end this without tears.
For our last breath
and the final move.
With a single step more.
Leaving the nasty painful world behind us.
Disappear in the lights of eternity.

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