Monday, March 28, 2011

My Swetties, Burial

Most of my friends know that I'm crazy about rabbit.  I collected so many rabbit things and I even have a rabbit drawing on my signature.

I want to introduce you to , my dearest pet.  My naughty greedy fat and fluffy rabbits.
Sivy and Viocco but lately I used to think that they are William and Sebastian (Will and Sebby fits them perfectly LMAO).

Viocco is a  Holland type hare . He is my very special one coz we have some similarities in some habits (especially naughty, laziness, greedy and egoist .LOL). He just really big and fat. I love his fur very much coz his fur are silky and soft, he also can change his fur twice a year. At the dry season, his fur are short and fairy. But at rainy season, his fur become long, thick and fluffy. I can't stop petting his fur.
One interesting mark on him is his right ear. If you look closer, the edge of his ear is missing.
It because he get messed up with my old tortoise (Mr.Choppa), He always disturbing my old tortoise for every single day until that tortoise bit his ear in anger ( You'll know what happen if you keep disturbing an old man)
Don't messed up with me or I'll bite ur ear!!

But, Viocco seems never give up and keep teasing that old tortoise. (what a poor old man^_^)

Sivi is a very good Girl. Her mother is Angora Type and her father is an ordinary rabbit. Sivi don't like to be touched by People and other animals except Viocco. (That guy treated Sivi like a princess). She is calm and lovely. 

Well that's about my lovelies

Farewell Grandpa, See You Again in HEAVEN
Last Sunday is my Grandpa burial ceremony. It's really sad. But I know that we cannot suffer in sadness forever. The most difficult part was about to hearten my Grandma. But now she seems much better cos we keep stay on her side :).

Some of my quotes for cheer up myself
"One who passed away are still live in our memories and blessed us by his love in past"
"I Keep smiling as I want he remembered my most beautiful face at his last moment on earth"
"Angels can take his soul but his Cinematic Record that laying on our heart can't be taken (at least we still have the blue ray copy of it)"


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