Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cosplaying HANNAH - Challenge Accepted

Miley is Here!!!

Last week my friend asked me  joining her Kuroshitsuji II cosplay group to an event. I supposed to cosplaying Grell as usual but,  our Hannah cosplayer can't attend the event. She lend us her costume so that we can look for another cosplayer. But, we found nobody... so that after a long discuss, I decided to cosplaying Hannah and look for another Grell cosplayer (so pity that we couldn't find it too TT^TT)

Well... Hannah is so much different than Grell and another characters I've cosplayed before,
so it is a BIG CHALLENGE  for me to cosplaying her.

For a better performance I darken my face with some make ups ;)

Here some photos

We met Madam Red Cosplayer there ^_^

Well since the costume is not mine, so it might be the last time for me cosplaying her  :).

and here some bonuses from previous event ;)

Well see ya next post~ >.<

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