Thursday, June 16, 2011

Those Lovelies part one , IN REAL LIFE

I'm sitting all day in front of my laptop and thinking about what to share on this little randomful Blog.  Well, this is me personally as Emily Happywise .D  not Mily or Miley who used to write on this blog.

During the 18 years of my life, I have a lot of Friends.  I still connected with most of them, but some of them are just being unreachable.

Once I was kid I ever being an antisocial because of school bullying. I don't have any friends because all my schoolmates hating me for no reason (this condition made me separating my self as  Mily and Miley to kill my loneliness).

On the 4th Grade of my Elementary School, finally I have my first Best friends ever. They are Erika and Patricia they are who brighten the rest my school life and keep supporting me on many ways. We did a lot of fun sometimes dangerous things together. On Junior High School we still keep our friendship and built a gang named "Oedik" (nevermind about the name)  we are  close to each other even we have a lot of differences. My very trusted friends there are Erika, Patricia, Mia and G-bon. 
Our Reunion on G-bon's 17th birthday
On HighSchool, I'have some close friends too~ 

Cooking Class with my friends~

And among those lovelies,  Linda is my very special one. We have a lot of differences and sometimes having some quarrels too but most of the time, we completing each other. This make us being the greatest partner ever~ <3
Partner in Crime Me and Linda~
Outside my School life~ I've joined in some community. Those activities also widen my social life and friendship :D

My first social club, Jakarta Taiko Club (I already out from this club but I still connected with some friends there)
Yosakoi Dance

Wilson and Ely, these lovelies invited me to this club :D

Jakarta Sanshin Club

Indonesian Sketcher

And Kakuhika Cosplay Community.
actually still a lot more of the members there but I only have this photo. A girl I hugged on the right is Traisha, also my partner in crime XD 

Aww, My mom is calling~ Will continue next time  XD

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