Thursday, June 2, 2011


I just got my Grell wig this morning and still without styling. So that I tried to style my wig. This is my first time to do wig styling so I'm still not sure about it.
before/after Styling

This is some funny things happened in my family according to my new wig

* Wore my wig at home and my niece cried "Awwh PRINCESS ARIEL" and I just realized that Grell is so look like Ariel XDD  *facepalm LOL

* I told my Mom that I buy my self a wig for cosplay and showed her my new wig. I already prepared to if she get angry for wasting my money but.... My mom not angry instead making me and my family LAUGHING to DEATH because she wear that wig and dressed up in silly costume and teasing everybody in  house~  LOL

* Mom showed me few of her old Wig collections QAQ  She was a wig collector long time before I born and I didn't know this until today. ( I wonder if she cosplaying too LOL   but maybe not)

Well that's it anyway, I will go Cosplaying CHESIRE GRELL again this saturday and will keep cosplay as it in July~ LOL

Can't wait for it LOL



  1. You're very skilled and there is a real difference in the before and after. You're families reactions are funny!

  2. thakyou~ XD we were having a lot of fun with it~