Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shinigami Dream~ Happy Go Lucky!!!

Today is my luckiest day ever XDD

1. Last night I dreamed about being a shinigami. I was running in the corridor with someone i know (It might be Amamizu ) then suddenly William who sit next to Grell shouted at me to stay calm along the corridor (William  makes everybody loved to be scolded by him XDD) l
. So pity I woke up after that, I only could see William and Grell's black Silhouette but it was really wonderful dream to start a new day XDD.

2. I passed Uni selection exam for Visual communication design with predicate "very good"

3. My mom ordered me a new pair of glasses since my old one is not get along with my eyes anymore. I told her i want a red glasses (without giving any other specification) and She buy me GRELL's GLASSES XDD I was stunning in happiness and immediately make glasses chain for it. Thankyou Mom~

4. My mom also gave me some shirts including 2  wonderful  red shirts . >.< 

5. I've got another plushie commision Request XDD

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  1. Hooray for Shinigami dreams! I love your new glasses, too. =)